Founded in 2013, LE Trading A.S. was born as union of the Light Energy Group and New Energy Trading AG.

Light Energy Srl is an Italian Holding which main business is in the energy sector from 2007. With a turnover of 1.8 bln Eur and more than 40.000 end costumers, it is one of the main trader in Italy and in European Market.

New Energy Tradiing A.G. is Switzerland based Holding company established in 2013, with the main business of development innovative trading approach of different kind of energy sources. NET AG holds considerable number of shares in different European trading and supplying companies.


The history of our shareholders shows that they know how to react promptly and correctly even in case of unexpected market changes in order to continue to increase the value of the company and its profitability.

Our added value consinsts of the differentiation of our activities and of the capability to quickly grasp the new market opportunities.

The direct activity on all power markets, the team of young, but already experienced people on the markets, the strong growth and reliability achieved in these years, differentiate us from a simple consultancy company or a traditional trading house. These valuable qualities are a creating proof that our customers are provided with a wide range of opportunities which would otherwise be impossible to catch.