Europe Energy and Energia Group (EEEG) took part in one of the most significant events when it comes to gas. Central & Eastern European Gas Conference (CEE Gas) was held on March 7th to March 8th in Zagreb and through debates aimed to give answers on the future of gas market.

The main questions were focused on the future of LNG, present and future hubs in Europe and physical connections and interconnections between countries and regions. Europe Energy and Energia took part in this event as participant but also actively contributing the answer about pricing in this and future circumstances.

Chief Business Development Officer, Artur Goedicke, explained motives behind strategic goals of the group and made comments about present situation in different markets from EEEG perspective. One is for sure, the gas market is to reach significant growth, but largely depending on directions and pace of future development of the markets, regulation, liberalization… Europe Energy and Energia Group are ready to take its position in this process with its present network and experts already on board.